Read Write Inc - Remote Learning


As you know, children at Holmwood School are assessed regularly for their phonics knowledge and reading fluency, then placed in the appropriate Read Write Inc (RWI) group suitable for their ability (as per the eight colour groups below).

We’d like to support you in helping your child to continue reading a RWI book at their level whilst at home during any periods of school closure, as well as carrying out some of the reading and writing activities they are used to.

Each week we will add a new Powerpoint for each of the eight RWI colour groups, with a timetable of activities.

If you are unsure which colour group your child is in, please see your daily RWI ParentMail which indicates their colour group.

RWInc Speedy Words Card Packs

Speedy Word Cards - Red Speedy Word Cards - Green Speedy Word Cards - Purple Speedy Word Cards - Pink
Speedy Word Cards - Orange Speedy Word Cards - Yellow Speedy Word Cards - Blue Speedy Word Cards - Grey