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The Bridge Governors

Holmwood School and Nursery is part of the Inspiring Furtures through Learning Academy Trust. As such, is subject to advice and instruction by the Trust.


Holmwood and Ashbrook schools together make up a hard federation called The Bridge Partnership. Under the terms of this federation the schools have one Executive Head, Mrs Kelly Cursley, and one governing body, The Bridge Governors. The people responsible for the day-to-day running of the schools are the Head and the respective Senior Leadership Teams, and the main role of the governors is to support the schools in their delivery of an effective teaching and learning experience for the children in their care.


The Governing Body has a statutory responsibility to ensure that the schools are carrying out their duties of meeting various requirements laid down by the Trust and the Department for Education. These include aspects of the National Curriculum, financial accountability, and child protection and safeguarding. This is achieved by means of a variety of contacts between the governors and the schools, and the aims of these are to familiarise the governors with how the schools are operating in order that they may ascertain that the expected procedures and processes are in place. Governors are also required to be sufficiently informed to be able to offer challenge and effective support where necessary. Further details are provided in ‘What Governors Do’.


All Bridge Governors are expected to attend two meetings of the Full Governing Body (FGB) each term. At these meetings, matters concerning both schools are considered. Each governor is also expected to attend meetings of either the Resources Committee (which oversees the schools’ budgets and matters of expenditure) or the Learning Matters Committee (which considers matters related to teaching and learning). In addition, individual governors are expected to make contact with the schools through formal visits and informal attendance at events taking place at the schools. This gives an indication of what is required of governors at all schools. Ideally, governors will provide a variety of skills and experience but, above all, it amounts to a willingness to commit time to providing support for the school or schools to which they have responsibilities.


Currently the Bridge Governing Body comprises Staff Governors (including the Head), Parent Governors, MK appointed Governors, and co-opted Community Governors. However, from September 2015, the governing bodies of all maintained schools have to be reconstituted according to guidelines issued by the DfE which place certain restrictions on the relative numbers of governors from each of the above categories and, in addition, result in governing bodies that have fewer members. From September 2015, The Bridge Governing Body will be made up of three Staff Governors (one being the Head), four Parent Governors (two from each school), one MK appointed Governor, and four Co-opted Governors.


If you would like to contact the governors the easiest way is via the School Office on:

office@holmwoodschool.co.uk or 01908 260596.