Holmwood School is a categorised as a "Community School".  Community Schools are required to have a Governing Body made up of parent governors, Local Education Authority (LEA) appointed governors, staff governors and community governors.

Holmwood is part of a Hard Federation along with another community school, Ashbrook School on Two Mile Ash.  Being a hard federation means that the Governing Body is made up of members from both communities who have both schools' best interests in mind.  The joint Governing Body calls itself 'The Bridge Partnership' referring to the bridge that links the two schools together.  Decisions made, or information that needs to be shared with parents from the Governing Body, will be  issued on headed paper referring to 'The Bridge Partnership'.

The full Governing Body (GB for short) meets twice a term, usually once in each half term. There are two sub committees;  Learning Matters and Resources which also meet once each half term, usually in the two weeks proceeding a GB meeting.

On top of that there are a few statutory committees or panels that we are required by law to nominate each year to deal with things like discipline or complaints. Hopefully they never have to actually meet because things can be resolved before it gets that far.  

The new Governing Body as of September 2011, is made up of a cross section of both schools and local communities. 


Link Governors

Being a School Governor these days is not just about coming to the Christmas Play and having a reserved seat at the front. This is especially not true at Holmwood.

If you have a child at Holmwood you will have heard about link governors, but what are they? Simply put it is an individual member who provides a "link" between the whole Governing Body and a particular area of the school's improvement plan.  It is a policy of Holmwood Governors that a governor will be connected to one section of the School's Improvement plan and follows the actions the school takes in order to meet its aims.Throughout the term the link governors are welcomed into school to see lessons, talk to teachers and children and see for themselves what the school is doing to ensure good 'value for money'. 

There are also named governors for Child Protection, Special Educational Needs and Racial Incidents.  


Governors Meetings

Almost all the official meetings of the Governing Body are open for any parent to attend as an observer. There are obviously a few exceptions when we have to discuss specific things confidentially. All the minutes of our meetings are available on request. You can also request reference copies of some of the documents we use such as "Guide to Law".

If you would like to contact the governors the easiest way is via the School Office. Alternatively you can write to the Clerk to the Governors:

Clerk to the Governors of The Bridge Partnership (Holmwood and Ashbrook Schools)

Learning and Development Directorate

Saxon Court

1, Saxon Gate East

Milton Keynes


Governors Documents

Meetings-BridgePartnership-attendance spring 2018