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Week commencing: Monday 22nd June

'The Gingerbread Man'

Week commencing: Monday 29th June

'A Little Bit Brave'

Week commencing: Monday 6th July

'Aliens Love Underpants'

Parents Guide - The Gingerbread Man

The Gingerbread Man - Story Link

Design Your Own Gingerbread Man

Gingerbread Man Baking

Gingerbread Man Colouring Sheets

Gingerbread Man Comparing Size

Gingerbread Man Obstacle Course Challenge

Gingerbread Man Split Pin

Parents Guide - A Little Bit Brave

A Little Bit Brave - Story Link

A Little Bit Brave - Facemasks

A Little Bit Brave - Fact Finding Task

A Little Bit Brave - Sea Otter Craft

A Little Bit Brave - Colouring Sheets


Parents Guide - Aliens Love Underpants

Aliens Love Underpants - Story Link

Aliens Love Underpants - Addition Sheet

Aliens Love Underpants - Alien Making

Aliens Love Underpants - Colouring Sheets

Aliens Love Underpants - Counting

Aliens Love Underpants - Design Your Own Pants

Aliens Love Underpants - Matching Pants Activity

Aliens Love Underpants - Pencil Control

Aliens Love Underpants - Playdough Mats

Aliens Love Underpants - Role Play Masks

Week commencing: Monday 25th May 

'The Cautious Caterpillar'

Week commencing: Monday 1st June

'Starry Eyed Stan'

Week commencing: Monday 8th June 


Week commencing: Monday 15th June 

'We're Going on a Bear Hunt'

Parents Guide - The Cautious Caterpillar

The Cautious Caterpillar E-book

Butterfly Colouring

Butterfly Life Cycle

Caterpillar Pattern Tracing

I Spy

Minibeast Action Cards

Minibeast Hunt

Minibeast Playdough Mat

Minibeast Themed Addition

Minibeasts Counting

Nature Walk Scavenger Hunt

Ordering Worm Lengths

Parents Guide - Starry Eyed Stan

Starry Eyed Stan E-book

Addition to 10

Fish Colouring

I Spy

Science Experiment

Under the Sea Counting

Parents Guide - Elmer the Patchwork Elephant

Elmer - Story Link

Elmer Addition Sheet

Elmer Colouring

Elmer Number Template

Elmer Template

Elmer's Maze

Toilet Roll Elephant

Parents Guide - We're Going on a Bear Hunt

We're Going on a Bear Hunt - Story Link

Bear Counting

Colouring Sheets

Matching Cards

Pencil Control

Where is Bear? - Positional Language


Week commencing: Monday 27th April

'The Three Little Pigs'

Week commencing: Monday 4th May 

'The Zoo Vet'

Week commencing: Monday 11th May

'Back to Earth with a Bump'

Week commencing: Monday 18th May


Parents Guide - The Three Little Pigs

I Spy

Initial Sounds Matching

Little Pig House Design

Number Flash Cards

Three Little Pigs Addition

Three Little Pigs Colouring-in

Three Little Pigs Counting Sheet

Three Little Pigs Cutting

Three Little Pigs Pencil Control

Three Little Pigs Size Ordering

Parents Guide - The Zoo Vet

The Zoo Vet E-book

Count and Colour

Days of the Week Posters

Fingerprint Counting

I Spy

My Favourite Animal Is

Zoo Animal Colouring

Zoo Animal Count and Write

Zoo Pencil Control

Zoo Subtraction

Parents Guide - Back to Earth with a Bump

Back to Earth with a Bump E-book

2D Shape Word Mat

3D Shape Word Mat

Alien Masks

Planet Names

Rocket Numbers 1 Less

Space Addition

Space Backpack

Space Colouring

Space Counting Sheet

Space Pencil Control

Space Rocket Poster

Space Size Ordering

Parents Guide - Hide-a-Saurus

Hide-a-Saurus E-book


Building with Shapes

Colour and Count



Dot to Dot

Fact Cards

Number Footprints

Number Tracing

One More and One Less

Week commencing: Monday 30th March

'The Hungry Caterpillar'

Week commencing: Monday 6th April

'The Rhyming Rabbit'

Week commencing: Monday 13th April

'Goldilocks and the Three Bears'

Week commencing: Monday 20th April

'Carrot Club'


Parents Guide - The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Caterpillar Counting

Caterpillar Mask

Colour Sequence

Colouring Sheets

Fruit Addition

Fruit Size Sorting

Number Recognition

Pencil Control Maze

Pencil Control

Roll and Colour

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Counters

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Fruit Number Boards


Parents Guide - The Rhyming Rabbit

Bunny Pencil Control

Easter Counting

Easter Egg Addition

Easter Egg Colouring

Easter I Spy and Count to 20

Egg Number Matching

Happy Easter Colouring

Measuring Easter Bunny

Number Chicks

Shape Egg

Spring I Spy

Parents Guide - Golidlocks and the Three Bears

Bear Dot-to-Dot

Bear Number Cards

Bears Addition to 20

Bears Pencil Control

Colouring Sheets

Goldilocks and the Three Bears Stick Puppets

Goldilocks Counting

Goldilocks I Spy

Playdough Mats

Size Ordering



Parents Guide - Carrot Club

Carrot Club E-book

Carrot Club Addition

Carrot Club Cutting

Carrot Club Size Ordering

Fruit and Veg Counting

Fruit and Veg Playdough Mat

Fruit and Veg Role Play - Shop Opening Times

Role Play Shopping List

Vegetable Colouring

Vegetable Soup Recipe

Vegetables for Role Play