Health matters in school

Medicines and Health Matters in School

Prescribed medication will only be given during the school day, if it has been prescribed for 4 times a day.

The container should be clearly labelled and must display the pharmacy's prescription label.

You will also be required to fill in a medication form, which can be completed in Reception or downloaded from our 'Forms' page.

Occasionally children become hurt or ill at school.  We like to be able to contact you, a relative or friend by telephone so that you can collect your child as soon as possible.  Please remember to give us an emergency contact and also any changes in your own contact telephone numbers.  Should a child require urgent medical attention and we cannot contact you, we will ring 999 and a member of staff will accompany the child to hospital and continue to try and contact the parent/carer.

The school has many qualified First Aiders and a dedicated Welfare Assistant, Mrs. Cole.


If your child suffers from asthma please complete an asthma card (available from Reception).  We will then be able to provide appropriate support for your child.


If your child suffers from serious allergies, that the school needs to be aware of, please speak to Mrs. Cole so that we can draw up a care plan.