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Spring 1-Back in time


In science the children will learn to identify and name a variety of common animals that are carnivores, herbivores and omnivores.

Science Investigation-Racing Liquids

The children will race every day liquids down a smooth ramp and watch for differences in
their movements and speed. They will work scientifically predicting which will win and why?

Wednesday Welly Walk -During this session the children will have time to explore the
Environmental area and work on group challenges-working together. The children will be
looking at the weather changes now that Winter is here.


Victorian Day-January 24th

The children will come to school dressed up as a Victorian child. They will experience what life was like in a Victorian school. Through role play, use of artefacts and different activities the children will find out about what life for a Victorian child would have been like.

The children will learn to:

  • place known events and objects in Chronological order..
  • sequence events and recount changes..
  • use common words and phrases relating to the passing of time
    · find answers to simple questions about the past..
  • describe some simple similarities and differences between artefacts
    ·sort artefacts into 'now' and 'then'
  • ask and answer questions about the past
  • talk draw and write about the past


Children will be linking their history work to their art work They will be working on
observational drawings of dinosaurs, working on group texture dinosaurs and making clay models of dinosaurs.


The children will use a range of materials creativelyto design and make products, develop and share their ideas, experiences and imagination. The children will design,make, and
evaluate the making of a Dinosaur moving Picture.They will be introduced to the language levers, pivots and flaps


Focus-Feel the Pulse Exploring pulse and rhythm

During this half term the children will be developing their sense of rhythm and pulse.
The children will be learning new songs and have the opportunity to play the untuned instruments to accompany theirsinging. They will also have opportunities to listen to
different music styles.

Kaleidoscope /PHSE

We will be discussing what makes a good relationship and how we respect differences.

Religious Education

In RE the children will be discussing questions like:

How should people take care of the world?

What do people believe about God, people and the natural world?


This half term PE will take placeon a Monday and alternate Wednesdays. Please ensure
your child’s kit is in schoolon the first day ofthe half term. If they have their ears pierced please remove earrings on these days.


The children willbe working on a Dinosaur dance and performing their dance at the end of the half term.

Alternate Wednesdays-Gymnastics





The children will continue learning to log on and off the computers. They will be making a
dinosaur Fact file. The children will learn to find, save and retrieve a picture and then will use keyboard skills to add text.


Please ensure your child brings in their library book so it can be changed.

Home Learning
·Reading at home

  • Learning to read and spell Year 1 words/ Number words e.g. one two etc, days of
    the week
  • Fun activities


Here are a few ideas for you to try at home this half term. Your child can bring their
finished work into schoolwhen completed and share with us during a check in

  • Go for a Winterwalk looking for Signs of Winter and take photos ordraw pictures
    ·Make a junk model dinosaur
  • Look on theInternet and find out about Dinosaurs or the Victorians
  • Go to the library and read The Harry and The Dinosaurs stories
  • Write your ownDinosaur story
  • Speak to an elderly relative,what was their childhood like? How was their school day